Friday, February 11, 2011

Will it be freedom Friday?

In Egypt?

In the Chicago mayoral debate last night, Rahm gets slammed for having grown up in clean-living Wilmette. Call it playing the boring card:
Chico said he was “scared for my children” as they traveled back and fourth to pubic schools, but, he said, “Growing up in our city in the Back of the Yards and living with the threat of violence even in my own neighborhood stays with you. There are people like Mr. Emanuel, who grew up in the wealthy North Shore and probably never experienced that.”

Chico expanded his criticism of Emanuel after the debate: “He went to the wealthiest high school in the state of Illinois [New Trier]. I do not see how you can relate to the people of the city of Chicago when you have not walked these streets and lived here. If you come from Wilmette, Winnetka, Lake Forest, that’s what you think like. I didn’t go to some elite high school. I went to Kelly high school.”

Emanuel, comfortably ahead in the polls, never responded to any of the criticism and after the debate, left the site...
Um, Sun Times, proofread your story, please. Statement from Rahmbo here. Clearly he has learned a few things since leaving the pristine North Shore. And a few more:
Tom Bevan
BTW, I love Rahm's response to earning $18.5 million in 2 yrs: “I was in relationship banking." Others would call it "crony capitalism."
Latest polling shows him closing on an outright win.

Peace museum grows moldy but the bankrupt state of Illinois is fighting to get their assets. I suggest auctioning off John Lennon's guitar to pay the bills.

The temp is in the teens here but on my early morning drivearound I heard Willie Nelson sing On the Street Where You Live.

So here's to a hopeful day. More.
Wall Street Journal
Egyptain President Mubarak has left Cairo for the Red Sea resort of Sharm-el-Sheikh. Here's the latest:

Tamer El-Ghobashy
by WSJ
@ colleague reports army throwing water and food across barbed wire fencing surrounding Presidential Palace to gathered demonstrators

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