Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fetal Surgery Front Page NY Times

No, we're not talking the murderous abortion butchery of Dr. Gosnell's clinic in Philly.

But this coverage by the NY Times is about as rare.Success of Spina Bifida Study Opens Fetal Surgery Door:

Now, for the first time, a rigorous clinical trial shows that fetal surgery can help babies with a condition that is not usually life-threatening. Babies with a form of spina bifida, a debilitating spinal abnormality, were more likely to walk and experience fewer neurological problems if operated on before being born rather than afterward.

The $22.5 million study, long awaited by experts and published online Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine, is likely to galvanize interest in trying to address problems before birth, including operating on serious heart defects and bladder blockages, and potentially using fetal bone marrow or stem cell transplants for sickle cell anemia and immune disorders.

The story mentions the initial surgery at Vanderbilt, which yielded this now familiar photo. The article did not include the photo.

The study should not propel surgeons to “run around and start doing this” for other conditions, said Dr. Terry Buchmiller, a fetal medicine expert at Children’s Hospital Boston who was not involved in the research. “I can go in utero right now and fix a cleft lip, but I don’t think anybody is saying we ought to do that, because of the risk.”

But she called the study “a wonderful, almost several-decade journey of trying to improve the outcomes of a debilitating condition,” adding, “This looks to be potentially life-changing.”

Potentially life-changing indeed.

More. Aging feminists, Rep. Jan Schakowsky and other Dems, may try to make the case that it's morally admirable to allow them to kill their babies in the womb, and that we should pay for it, averting our eyes from butchery, but when we can see in the womb, save lives in the womb, and hear a heartbeat, fetal life is undeniable. And abortion is not health care.

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