Tuesday, February 22, 2011

With 75% in Rahm is leading at 54%* WGN Calls It

If this holds, no run-off. He'll be the mayor.

Rahm Emanuel
Axelrod's in with the early results: 51 motherfucking percent. Still a long night, but SUCK ON THAT, CHICO.

Rahm Emanuel

Can't wait for the speech.

UPDATE. CNN calls it for Rahmbo.

Rahm Emanuel
The big plan for tonight: We've got a champaign fountain from the top of the ballroom to the stage. I'm going to fucking ride down it.

natasha korecki
Rahm appears briefly with family at election HQ. "OK, see you guys at Thanksgiving," he says. A reference to access apparently
I guess we'll have to rely on the tweets

UPDATE. WGN Chicago calls it for Rahm. Here's the livefeed.

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Lisa G in NZ said...

Unfortunately, Chicago will get the mayor it deserves.

Things are not going to improve, I'll bet $ on that...

Technically I only lived inside the city limits for 2 years.

Chicago continues down the path of Detroit.

Very sad... Gonna change my answer to "where are you from?" when asked by my international friends... my new answer will just be the real one "Wilmette, Illinois a wealthy and lovely suburb far enough away from Chicago to still be nice"

cheers and sorry to hear about Chicago...


Anne said...


Here's hoping it's not as bad as Detroit.

Thanks for the nod to Wilmette:)

And we're thinking of you all with that terrible earthquake. God bless.