Monday, March 28, 2011

Lots of Buzz on the Ayers' Refrain, Underlining My Meeting*WTF

I've been traveling so managed just this last post with the reminder of Bill Ayers No Dream.

Memeorandum has a thread, links directly (and defense) from Protein Wisdom, Newsbusters, thank you!

As for Moran and Riehl, well, let me just say that's the simple answer. A right-wing nut job--me?

But if I'm so nuts why did the NY Times even deign to attack me, hmm?

...Every sentient American knows The One's a pompous empty suit as president. His myth is empty too. It's no coincidence Astroturf Axelrod is his campaign guru. WTF


commoncents said...

KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT! You've got them scared!!

Common Cents

Anne said...
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Anne said...


Seriously, I am too boring to be a wingnut. Let the left look for their conspiracy theories elsewhere:)