Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Olympian Collective Bargaining Horror Story: Chicago Wastes $18 million a year paying truck drivers to sit

Good grief. I suppose we should be thankful they didn't get chauffeur-driven limos as members of the privileged public sector class. Sun Times:
In his latest audit pinpointing ways to save money, Inspector General Joe Ferguson argues that long-term collective bargaining agreements that lock in the superfluous position — when city crews could easily drive themselves — are costing taxpayers a fortune.

The investigation was launched last summer after a vehicle carrying two city workers pulled up outside the inspector general’s office.

An employee in the passenger seat got out and painted the curb and fire hydrant while the driver sat behind the wheel, never lifting a finger to assist. When the job was done, the painter returned to the vehicle and the two workers drove away.

These guys make $90,000 a year with benefits--isn't that about twice what someone would make in the private sector? And for sitting around on their butts. Apparently the Mayor bought this "labor peace" for the Olympics that wasn't.

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