Friday, April 01, 2011

Ayers claims authorship again but says has no notes. Also says Don't Hate on Anne (New Tone?)

Jack Cashill

Ayers is not a very jokey guy. He is deliberate. When he talked to me in 2009 I think he wanted plausible deniability, but he wanted it out there.

Just to clarify again, I didn't ask him, he volunteered the claim, blurted it out.

It's the best thing Ayers ever wrote but it's central to the Obama mythology/rise of the oceans life story.

What next?

The MSM will keep ignoring the story.

But Ayers is not fooling around so much this time. I got mad the first time, aside from his being an unrepentant domestic terrorist, because I thought, well he could prove it. But now he claims he doesn't have the notes.

It cracks me up though that Donald Trump has taken this up, and he has just hired new media guru Patrick Ruffini so it seems he is serious in making a splash in the political realm.

So. Expect some fireworks because the MSM doesn't run the show any more.

The publisher must have notes.

As a former publishing executive and the founder of Times Books – which originally publishedDreams – I can accept that these kinds of frauds occasionally happen. And without a direct admission of guilt, the evidence will always be unsatisfying with conflicting opinions battling back and forth.

A publisher can get gulled by a skillful con. And once outed it can be a major catastrophe. One has only to recall the James Frey controversy over his Random House best-seller, which, like Obama’s “truckload of notes,” was another A Million Little Pieces. Once Frey was revealed by a careful scan of his police records by as a liar whose “memoir” was largely fiction, Random House did the only honorable thing it could. It explained that all future printings of the book would be delayed until it had notes from both the publisher and the author on the lies in the text as well as notations on the cover and posted to the website. Random House also sent out inserts for the books already in the stores. Later Random House set aside several million dollars to compensate readers who felt they may have been defrauded in buying the book.

But at least no one accused James Frey of not writing it.

And the evidence keeps piling up around Ayers.

Barack Obama is an empty suit and a big cheat.

You could say Obama and Ayers deserve each other.

P.S. Robin of Berkeley, The American Thinker: Obama, Donald Trump, and the Collective Unconscious


yukio ngaby said...

"Don't hate on Anne"?

Heh. I'm sure that's a load off your mind.

I think you're totally right about Ayers wanting it out there with plausible deniabilty.

Anne said...

Yeah. I live for testimonials from Bill Ayers.

pathickey said...

Anne and the Barney Google of Terror!

Anne said...

Who's the most important man this country ever knew?
Who's the man our Presidents tell all their troubles to?
No, it isn't Mr. Bryan and it isn't Mr. Hughes;
I'm mighty proud that I'm allowed a chance to introduce:
Barney Google—with the goo-goo-googly eyes,
Barney Google—had a wife three times his size;
She sued Barney for divorce,
Now he’s sleeping with his horse!
Barney Google—with the goo-goo-googly eyes!
Who's the greatest lover that this country ever knew?
Who's the man that Valentino takes his hat off to?
No, it isn't Douglas Fairbanks that the ladies rave about;
When he arrives, who makes the wives chase all their husbands out?
Barney Google—with the goo, goo, googly eyes,
Barney Google—bet his horse would win the prize;
When the horses ran that day,
Spark Plug ran the other way!
Barney Google—with the goo-goo-googly eyes!