Monday, April 25, 2011

Barbour Ditches, The Daniels Dance*** Our Prez Barack 'Leading from Behind'

He said he would decide the end of this month. Maybe we'll know when he spruces up his suits and does a buzz with the hair:)
Anne Leary
Should Mitch get a buzz?:) : Daniels offered style tips | The Journal Gazette | Fort Wayne, IN via @
Barbour shocker, he's out of the presidential stakes. I believe he and Mitch are good buddies, Daniels had expressed support before. So.

There already was speculation but this intensifies it and looks like a good indicator Mitch is going to rock and roll:) As Chicks on the Right might say.

Here's the statement, via Memeorandum.

...Oh, meanwhile our president Barack Obama "leads from behind". The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza tries his best with that phrase. His other profiles (Rahm, early and often Obama) somehow managed to be revealing despite being sympathetic. Will the American people pay attention this time?

Leading from behind...wonder if Michelle appreciates Barack's dance style.

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