Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chicago Goons Go to Madison to Shut Sarah Up

Well, they didn't succeed, even though they tried, booing continually in their Sox jackets, menacing others trying to listen to the speech. The TEA Party organizers did have a permit. Where were the real Madison police, not the CPS-hatted import from Illinois?

Yes, the union goons brought vuvuzelas, bells and epithets, cursing at a 14 year old girl speaker, booing during the national anthem, shouting just to shut someone else up.

This is the left, America. These are the "public servants" who feel entitled to retire early at our expense, making more than many in the private sector while paying little for their own pensions and healthcare. Yes, they feel entitled to push us around, and shut us up while demanding special treatment themselves, trashing the capitol in Madison for days, weeks.

In case you missed it, since legacy media coverage was largely absent, Sarah Palin's Madison Tax Day TEA Party speech, delivered in the belly of the Obamabot union beast, Madison, WI.

P.S. Anne Leary
Fox panel too beltway blind for useful discussion on GOP 2012 race. This was the problem in 2008 as well

Anne Leary
Much as I love Charles K he has an elitist streak when it comes to the GOP 2012 field. Fox Panel needs to think of TEAparty as indies & moms

Anne Leary
In other words, TEA party is both the base and the swing vote. The TEA party is MAINSTREAM, beltway denizens. YOU are NOT

More, in case you missed it: Palin in Madison: Veni, Vidi, Vici. James Pethokoukis, Reuters blog

More. From today, Time's Jay Newton-Small. Five Reasons Not to Count Sarah Palin Out in 2012:
Unlike her more cautious potential rivals - ahem, Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty - she didn't just praise Paul Ryan for his budget - she actually endorsed the plan itself.
Yes, some in the GOP have noted this before. Smart not to misunderestimate her. Good catch, because now, more than ever, it's the Republican platform. Since the president deliberately trashed it, the little punk. Ask yourself what the left is so afraid of that they turn out in force to try to drown out the sound of Sarah Palin's voice. Sarah is the Fresh Air.

Yet more. Palin tops HotAir poll again.

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