Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Obama Demagogues Again. The Chicken or the Egg

Obama blames speculators for rising US fuel prices

With an added villain:Blame High Oil Prices on Speculators and Bernanke

But gee, what's the real effing explanation anyone paying through the nose filling up a gas tank oughta know. Cuz "speculators" are always with us. They help provide a market to buy...and sell. Duh.

The media are criminal accessories to this: Rising Gas Prices Linked to Obama Drilling Ban in Just 1% of Evening News Stories

Mr. President. Call in Timmy Geithner to explain markets to you. Better yet, come by the Board of Trade next time you're in Chicago. It all started with the egg market.

But probably you're just demagoguing for political convenience. It all started with this chicken we have for president.

More. Sen. Kirk (R-IL) is on with WLS Don and Roma now. His energy policy reported here.

Steve Bartin suggests Hayek.

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