Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Rahm talks Texan

Well, the closest he'll ever get to it. Still: Rahm Emanuel warns teaching, labor unions about changes:
“If you took a child in Chicago and their cousin in Houston from kindergarten through high school, the cousin in Houston will spend four more years in a classroom in instruction. Compared to Boston or New York, that’s on average about 2.5 more years. ... That’s unacceptable. We need a longer day and a longer year,” Emanuel said.

“I’ve already been in communication with those responsible for that to happen for Chicago, plus other types of things important for education reform. ... I’ve let it be known that you cannot have a city compete for new businesses, for families when you have the shortest school day and school year in the country of any major city. ... We are cheating the children of Chicago on their future.”

Head of Chicago teachers union responds, says, why do we need to threaten each other, we're all reasonable people here.

Sure, y'all. More on the other rats around:
Emanuel’s other ultimatum was delivered to Laborers Local 1001, whose members work for the city’s Department of Streets and Sanitation.

The Sun-Times reported last week that the Daley administration is making dramatic cutbacks in forestry and rodent control services as it struggles to sweep the streets and pick up garbage amid a two-year hiring freeze and chronic absenteeism.

“A 33 percent daily absentee rate has put the city in the position that it’s making choices between services it need not make. ... That’s unacceptable to the city,” Emanuel said.

Clean out the varmints, Rahm.

...but I'll believe it when I see it. Hill country is very pretty.

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