Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Still searching for those ballots in Cook

Some upsets of old-timer Chicago aldermen but Rahm mostly gets his slate in for what its worth, an anti-tax vote in most of the suburbs, with the exception of mine, while in Wisconsin the bellwether Supreme Court race the unions tried to stack sits slimly for the strict constructionist incumbent.

There'll be a recount, but the union pulled out all the stops and couldn't pull it off, though the joke of the night, as leftie Madison Dane County didn't put them over, was they're still searching for those ballots in Cook.

P.S. Listening to Charlie Sykes, WTMJ Milwaukee as more votes come in. And as I'm heading off to chorus, some apropos spring music. This one's for you, Rahm:) But I think Gov. Walker is the good guy.

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