Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ryan "I’ve Never Seen a President Give a Speech Like This Before"

On with Mark Levin. HT HotAir:More Ryan on Obama: “He’s basically a pyromaniac in a field of straw men”

Anne Leary
We are all nihilists now: Who's the Extremist?

...For me, this ranks with Jimmy Carter's Crisis of Confidence speech, but that at least was civil, and blamed all the American people. At least that's my memory.

It comes close to Bill Clinton's I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky speech, where as I recall he shook his finger at the American people and said now you listen to me--even as he lied. I think Bob Dole called him a jerk and I think that was right.

But this--a deep, dismayingly deep disgust that we have a president so partisan he can never lead. So little of the leader in him, despite all his fine words in his 2008 campaign, that he demonizes a decent man, after inviting him to come to his speech. Unbelievable. At a time when most of the country is very worried, and for good reason.

.. Anne Leary
After this disgraceful and cynical display by President Obama,inviting Ryan to the speech,then accusing him of throwingGrandmaunderthetrain

Anne Leary
...I am beginning to think Paul Ryan should run for president. NOW. This is the time. This is the moment.

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