Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Kills A Skunk, Part Two

We heard the president's speech. One of the most dismaying things about it, that makes most people recoil--aside from the pure demagoguery on the debt and spending tsunami we face--was that he invited Paul Ryan to come hear it. Paul Ryan, the GOP Budget Committee Chairman, and author of a brave and substantive plan to tackle our fiscal nightmare and wrestle it to the ground.

Why would President Obama do this? Is he clueless of civil behavior?

I think this comment has hit on it, in part:
Why on earth would The One invite him to attend a speech that was designed to demagogue Ryan for electoral purposes?

Because he’s a petty, thin-skinned girlie man who thinks he’s tough. He was trying to intimidate Ryan into backing off. Epic FAIL.

Was that some sort of “if I’m going to kneecap this guy, I ought to at least look him in the eye” concession on Obama’s part?

It's what kills a skunk:

Part Two.

More to come.


MathMom said...

Isn't this just what he did to the Supremes during the SOTU? Stand there and diss them to their faces, in a venue where they are unable to respond?

He likes getting in their faces, showing that he's king, being the Big Kahuna. But he would be a crying little girl if he ever had to face them on a level playing field.

Our preznit is an ass.

Anne said...

Oh, great point. I had forgotten about that one.

And great point: "in a venue where they are unable to respond". Yes.

When that congressman yelled "you lie" in all honesty, he had to apologize--as well he should, because civility of a public servant in a public setting demands it.

But not President Obama, no, no, no.

This is the Chicago Way/Alinsky thuggery coming out of him, along with his own ignorance and narcissism--an ugly mix.

Zilla said...

Great post, Anne. Obama is just horrible, completely classless and totally unfit for office. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Anne said...


The odd thing is that I keep getting shocked by how low he goes--in public.

I've always known he was a leftist thug but usually his opportunism cloaks it somewhat--more and more his smiley mask falls off.

Now this speech and his record leave him nowhere to hide. The question is whether the MSM will continue to shield him or even they, like Tapper, will occasionally register some honest protest at his flips and demagoguery.

The other question is whether Paul Ryan's fundamental grasp of the problem and his fundamental decency will carry the day. I think perhaps he is now the only Republican who can beat Barack Obama--because Obama has tried to publicly pistol whip him into submission--and most Americans, if they're aware of this, have to think this is wrong on so many levels.

SBVOR said...

I agree. Paul Ryan is my #1 pick for President. He is EXACTLY what we need at this moment in history.

SBVOR said...

Gangster Government is the phrase which best captures that the Obama Thugocracy is all about.

Anne said...

Yes and yes!