Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sanctuary City Policy Kills

This just came in via email on the recent horrendous accident in the Chicago suburbs:
The legally drunk Mexican national responsible for the double fatality on Willow Road was driving without a license. We can thank our elected officials who reject any border controls and support "sanctuary" cities for this and other crimes in our neighborhoods. Thanks Jan Schakowsky!
One of the reasons former Illinois Republican Governor George Ryan went to jail was that during his tenure as Sec. of State some employees essentially sold driver's licenses illegally. There was no evidence he knew of this practice, but a family was killed by the actions of a driver who couldn't speak English and had received one of these licenses.

What has improved since then around Chicago...
U.S. drug intelligence says Mexican cartels are "operating" in 230 cities in nine regions of the U.S. What does that mean?

They move the drugs up here into major hubs like Chicago, and they control the transport into smaller communities. They make extensive use of local gangs. The Juarez cartel in Chicago hires local gangs like the Latin Kings to help with distribution.

Who's growing marijuana for the cartels in the national parks?

It works like a terrorist cell structure.

...Sorry for so much grim news lately. But I can't help but think how the family of the murdered man feels, even as many of us gather our families close this week.

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