Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is Big Brother Government Harmful to Your Health?

It's not cholesterol, it's carbs?
Looking at such evidence, several top medical scientists have concluded that the government’s carb-heavy guidelines may actually have harmed public health.
Big FAT Brother Gov not any better at picking winners and losers in this arena as in any other. What next?
But that’s a far cry from saying thateverybody should cut down on salt. Alderman, an expert on hypertension, worries that the war on salt may have unintended consequences; diets that reduce salt intake produce a host of physiological changes, including decreased insulin sensitivity, which can raise the risk of heart disease. 
Now leftists are comparing salt to cocaine. Seriously?!

I think I'll just eat chocolate. Back off, FLOTUS.

Do we all wear one-size-fits-all clothes?

Well, why would we want one-size-fits-all government health guidelines?

Are we all destined to become a bunch of big babies?

Let's cut this government down to size.

P.S. Barack will make you work. Barack will make you work. Let's cut this government down to size.

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