Thursday, May 19, 2011

Farrakhan Aide and "Cleric" Akbar Muhammad Arrested on Suspicion of Drugs and Terrorism

In Guyana:
 Officers raided the Princess Hotel in the capital of Georgetown and took Muhammad to the department's headquarters for questioning, said Seelal Persaud, assistant police commissioner.

"Based on the information we have, he is involved in drugs and terrorism," Persaud told The Associated Press. He declined further comment and no further details were immediately available.
Muhammad has been a spokesman for Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, with whom he has worked since the 1960s.
Messages left with the Illinois-based Nation of Islam National Center and with the Truth Establishment Institute, which handles speaking engagements for Muhammad, were not returned.
In the interest of establishing truth, he has prior conviction of fraud in the U.S. Guess he's graduated to bigger and better things. He calls himself a diplomat. Oh, and in the tradition of radical leftists getting a publicly-funded gig, Muhammad was employed at SUNY Binghamton. Here's one student rating:

Poor Quality
Rater Interest1
Honestly: RUN AWAY. I'm serious. While it's cool that he's the son of Elijah Muhammad... he's the worst teacher I've ever had. He just sits there the entire class posing hypothetical questions and scolding the class. This man should not be teaching. I'm a good student, but I had no desire to do anything in this class other than out of fear.ARROGANT

Thankfully at least some of our youth can tell a fraud better than the academic establishment.

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JB said...

And after reading the latest news coming out of Guyana, it appears that this pre-election politcial "case" is unraveling faster than a Donald Trump presidential campaign.