Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sen. Kirk on Somali Piracy* Our Prez Plans Muslim Outreach

Saw this last night, here's the clip.

There's nothing romantic about pirates. Unless they're stopped they'll get more greedy, murderous and terrorist.

More. Food for thought. VDH on the age. And Michael Barone: The problem of Pakistan. Gives us more reason to look at the India model.

More. WSJ: President to Renew Muslim Outreach:
Bin Laden's death gives Mr. Obama a chance to underscore the belief among many administration officials that the terror leader's relevance had already begun to diminish during the so-called Arab Spring. Mr. Obama, who has made outreach to the Muslim world a cornerstone of his presidency, plans to describe the Islamic world as at a crossroads, said U.S. officials, making the case that bin Laden represented a failed approach of the past while populist movements brewing in the Middle East and North Africa represent the future. 
Mr. Rhodes said timing of the speech remains in flux but Mr. Obama could deliver it before leaving on a five-day trip to Europe on May 23. The White House is already telegraphing the message of the coming speech to the Islamic world by placing American diplomats on Arab television and radio, according to U.S. officials.
The White House is still debating, however, whether Mr. Obama should lay out a concrete plan for revitalizing the stalled Arab-Israeli peace process.
If they're debating that they're still not past their own foolish crossroads. The Israelis are not the problem. Actually, the Obama administration should examine its own inconsistent policies.
...Obama, Axelrod and Co. working on their "big things" message. Yo ho ho.

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