Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two 'poets' invited to White House oppose interracial dating, marriage...

New Hampshire takes note. It's not just the assassination talk and mysogyny. More trash lyrics:

Common named his daughter after Assata Shakur, a Black Panther who was convicted of first-degree murder 1977. She escaped from prison and exiled to Cuba. The FBI recognizes her as a domestic terrorist.  
Common has also been a vocal opponent of mixed race relationships and believes black men and white women should not date. In one rap he says, “I don’t know what it is / but white girls gettin’ ass / I know what it is / It’s cash.”
Interestingly, Jill Scott, who will also join the White House celebration, opposes interracial relationships, as well:
'When my friend told me his wife was Caucasian, I felt my spirit wince'...
The Obama campaign might want to take note too. But then they've been cozy with domestic terrorists before and the PC media hasn't cared.
Now they're flaunting bigots in the White House.Ah yes, Barack Obama and his Lady Wife are real uniters.

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Anne said...

At least not yet. Wait til we get a presidential cell phone call requiring our attendance at neighborhood community organizing meetings.