Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Ukraine Seeks Energy Independence from Russia--with Texas Know-How

NY Times. The throw their weight around (not much has changed there or here) Russians are dismissive:

In that talk, Mr. Miller dismissed the technology as environmentally unsound and expensive, and said that shale gas would affect only the margins of Gazprom’s business — characterizing shale as merely an appetizer to Gazprom’s main course.

“If you fell for foie gras,” he told the audience in France, “it does not mean that buttery soft tenderloin steaks grilled to your taste are made redundant.”

More recently, shale gas wildcatters at the Kiev conference said they could not be more pleased with Gazprom’s behavior. By keeping natural gas prices in Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe higher than gas prices in the United States, they said, Gazprom is making shale exploration in Eastern Europe look all the more profitable.

Canada has shale resources we can tap, as does North Dakota (maybe we should have primaries there instead of Iowa, dump that ethanol PLEASE) and Chevron is expanding into Pennsylvania shale:
The company intends to employ the latest technology from the U.S., the forerunner in shale development, to maximize output.
Can we do more of this here, hmm Dems? Lower energy prices and jobs, jobs, jobs along with being the technological leader in the world.

P.S. Rune
The House offshore drilling battle begins
Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.), the ranking Democrat on the House Natural Resources Committee, slammed a new energy coalition formed by House Republicans Wednesday.

“Cant make this stuff up. GOP names coalition pushing dirty fuels, increasing global warming pollution ‘HEAT,’” he said in an afternoon tweet.

The coalition, known as the House Energy Action Team, will "promote Republican energy policies that will address rising energy prices, create thousands of good jobs and enhance our national security by promoting energy independence for America," according to a statement from Republicans.

Erica Elliott, a spokeswoman for House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), a member of the coalition, says HEAT will advocate for a number of Republican energy priorities, including expanding domestic oil-and-gas production, addressing permitting delays related to a wide range of projects including a proposed oil pipeline that will stretch from Canada to Texas, and blocking climate regulations, among other things.

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