Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WTF is Trains in the Plains?

Puhleeze. Obama Transportation Sec. Ray play with trains LaHood has been making the media rounds touting high speed rail as winning the future. (!) He was on WLS radio this morning and it was painful. Anyone with any sense knows long-distance rail is a money trap--who wants to take mass transit into the city of Chicago to take a train to job-wasteland, illiterate Detroit? Chicago itself is back at 1920's population levels. Black unemployment is through the roof--gee, what's going on. Blacks themselves are moving from Chicago to places like Atlanta. The other supposed big high-speed rail destination is St. Louis, where we recently learned taxpayer dollars are subsidizing violent union organizing 101.

Listeners tweeted in that Sears may take a one-way train out of the state. Illinois is losing population to states with promise after the brain-dead Dem governor and legislature raised taxes. Those jobs are never coming back and taxes can only go up but it will never be enough, even as our desperate Dem governor throws our money at major employers. Before that it was CAT. Companies that have been headquartered in the state for a hundred years are thinking of leaving and small businesses close or leave if they can. What a tragedy.

Trains in the plains just churn up a dustbowl of dreams.

More. From a regular reader of the blog, "Pay to Stay":
I just contacted my state representative and state senator to ask about the criteria for participation in Illinois' new "pay to stay" program.   Every Illinois based CEO should be on the phone to Governor Quinn demanding a deal like Motorola's.   Our "temporary" income tax increase will surely become permanent when threatening to leave the state gets you $100,000,000.00 from the governor


Anonymous said...

Ann McElhinny of "Not Evil Just Wrong" pointed out that this is the administration's attempt to Europeanize Americans. Sheeple, standing on the platforms, waiting to be shuttled off on a train that's always late.

She scoffs at the notion that high-speed rail will ever be anything more than an expensive distraction.

I agree.

Recently we thought we'd take the Amtrak up the Northeast Corridor to catch a flight out of Boston. The train, by 7 am, was already 90 minutes late. We made other arrangements, needless to say.

Of more concern to me is the proposed mileage tax and LaHood's dream of disabling mobile phones in cars. God help us if he gets his way and someone in the car is having an emergency...

Anne said...

Yes. LaHood is stupid and destructive. And earnest.

A maddening combination.