Monday, June 20, 2011

Calling out Notre Dame on its Lies

I'm not an alum but family has been for 3 generations. TAS:
In recommending to the full Board the election of Ms. Martino as a trustee, Chairman Notebaert and Father Jenkins did not apply the recommendations made in the investigation of Declan Sullivan's death. Either they did not obtain information about Ms. Martino's donations or, although they obtained the information, they did not share it with the Board members. And when the storm arose, they compounded their breach of duty by flailing around and making the stupidest of arguments: Ms. Martino supports Church teaching on the sanctity of life and she did not know the organizations were pro-abortion.

One would expect that the chairman of a board of trustees and president of a university would act as towers to the students, providing a vision over the field of life. But these two men have fallen -- at least twice now. In 2009, they honored pro-abortion President Obama at the commencement. They compounded this error by allowing the arrest of 88 people on that occasion, including an elderly priest, in clerical garb, kneeling, reciting the prayers of the rosary. (Rather impossible to determine if he was demonstrating but for the fact he was out of place.) And now they have striven to bring a pro-abortion supporter to the University they believed to be someone highly capable of being entrusted with its Catholic mission now and well into the future.

One would also expect that the faculty of a Catholic institution would be protective of the institution's Catholic mission. But not the faculty of the University of Notre Dame. Three times in recent years now, the faculty has dissed Catholicism and its efforts to protect human life..
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Our Lady weeps

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