Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dick Durbin Distinguishes Himself as a Typical Dem

What is it with these Illinois Dem Senators? Unethical, don't know their Constitution, or want to turn it on its head? RCP video: Durbin: Illegal Alien Could Be Our Future President

But we're the ones who are the dunderheads. Will George Stephanopoulos fact-check Abe Lincoln next?

It's pretty much common knowledge now most Dems "think" this way, as does the don't know much about history media.

Is it any wonder the TEA party movement has sprung up to defend and remind us of  the rule of law, not of men, that our Constitution established--exceptional among countries.

It's up to us to keep calling them on it. We the people.

More. Washington Times editorial:  Obama for states’ rights? President discovers the 10th Amendment while undermining it

...Rubio Blasts Obama: ‘Left-Wing Strong Man’

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