Friday, June 03, 2011

Jobs collapse on Main St.-Another God Bless Texas Move for JOBS- GOP House Leads

A bright spot amid the gloom, Lone Star Texas delivers again: Texas Goes to Loser Pays Legal Fees

I remember this idea being advanced in one of my business school classes in the early 80's. The Brits have this system, and we should adopt it all over the country.

Of course a Democrat pillar along with the teachers union is the trial lawyers--bankrupting states and the country alike.

After the abysmal jobs report the Obama administration sent out labor union creature Sec. Hilda Solis who blathered on about "investments" in green junk and boondoggle throwback rail even as small businesses--the primary job creators in this country--are being forced to fire workers.

Obamanomics is a miserable failure.

House Republicans have passed a budget and introduced a jobs plan. GOP freshmen are less than impressed with Obama Treasury Sec. Geithner and steadfast in their belief we need to deal with our debt by cutting spending first. This is Rep. Joe Walsh of suburban Chicago, whom the Dems are trying to redistrict into oblivion, even as Illinois falls into oblivion.

The president needs to step up. But he probably won't. Has he reached his McCain moment?
John McCain's presidential bid blew up for good when he announced in September 2008 that he was suspending his campaign and returning to Washington to address the national financial crisis. In the event, Mr. McCain had nothing to contribute, and the White House passed to Barack Obama.

Mr. Obama's McCain moment—raising expectations of economic seriousness and then dropping them over the cliff—was his hyperpartisan deficit speech at George Washington University in April.
Many of us are sickened by his thuggish, rote partisanship.

Blue states contribute to the dismal picture:
"The move seemed so unnecessary," he says. "The plant was small and it costs money to relocate to China." That is, until Sidoti began adding up the costs of staying in a high-tax state like Rhode Island: Not just federal ones, but state and local, too.
And those problems have only been compounded now: ObamaCare's on track to add serious costs; the administration may yet give us some crazy energy plan; the president's reaffirmed his desire to reverse the Bush-era tax rates, which would amount to one of the largest tax-hikes in history.
Sidoti's actually an example of the problem. With federal, state and city taxes, Sidoti & Co. gets hammered with around a 75 percent tax rate. With his health-care costs rising 10 percent alone this year, he estimates that the first $1 million his company earns goes toward paying those costs.
"That's why I'm looking to open an office in Austin, Texas, where taxes are lower," he tells me.
God Bless Texas. And God help America.

More. Half of Last Month's New Jobs Came from a Single Employer — McDonald's

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