Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another Obama Whopper

He threw his grandmother under the bus as a "typical white person" to defend his attendance of the disgraceful hate-filled Rev. Wright's church for nearly 20 years. Barack Obama wrote a book about the father he barely knew, air-brushing both their lives.

They're both dead now, as was his mom...when he told a bogus story about her too.

Everyone's just a prop for the Obama narrative.

P.S. What else has he been lying about:
“I was on the phone, making a phone call to Tony Rezko,” Frawley says, according to the transcript. “I had a luncheon engagement with him. George was outside of the room where I was making the telephone call, and the purpose of the call was for me to keep my luncheon engagement with Tony Rezko and to go over and to record Tony Rezko.
“George saw and heard me on the phone, came running in and went like this [demonstrating]: Cut it,” drawing his hand across his throat.
Later in the deposition, Weaver’s lawyer, Daniel F. Konicek, asks Frawley about what specific information Weaver is supposed to have told Frawley to withhold from federal authorities.
“I’m assuming the information is about the payments made by Rezko to Obama, so we know we’re talking about the right conversation, right?” Konicek asks Frawley.
Frawley doesn’t answer. So Konicek presses him: “Am I correct it was about Obama being paid by Rezko?”
Frawley replies: “I’m not answering that question, based upon my attorney’s instructions.”
P.S.More cracks in the narrative:
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Anne Leary

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