Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hectored in Home and Garden

I was going to do this post but Don Surber already has:)

Is nowhere sacred? I read this magazine for escape from politics. Up until now you might see a First Lady cookie recipe, easily avoided, but a cover shot?

Is this more important than Laura Bush's literacy campaign? Why break policy for Michelle Obama? All of a piece with their Big Nanny attitude:
The company told the Poynter Foundation's Jim Romenesko that it is "changing the process and package notifying customers regarding their subscription expirations."That's after the company was called out by Romenesko and another media blogger, the Grumpy Editor by Hal Morris. The Grumpy Editor said the notices "border on something that would originate from the IRS or a collection agency."
I'm sure Michelle feels right at home.

I may not renew. It's a long time until Nov. 2012. (How interesting, all those candidates mentioned that she was supporting lost in the midterms.)

BHG may have as much success with this as Michelle's dress designers.


Quite Rightly said...

Phew! I just chose not to renew last month.

Anne said...

You knew it!!! :)

Leftists wreck everything