Thursday, July 07, 2011

Cities under siege

Chicago. Peoria, and again. Milwaukee. Chicago. Around the country. One Chicago resident has had enough, because there's another dimension to this. Isn't there:
Jon Loevy has made a fortune using the media to help him rake in tax-payer dollars from Thug Happy lawsuits.

Jon Loevy is as responsible for the North Avenue Beach closings, Boystown beat-downs, Anywhere Chicago thug beat-downs, 'crimes of opportunity,' Roseland 24/7, and the loss of revenue at Taste of Chicago, as all of the other bottom-feeding lawyers/activists how use the Sherwin Williams Race Paint in undermining confidence in Law and Law officials ( all cops, some States Attorneys, and the better judges).

If your kids ask why they can no longer ride the CTA and Metra, go to Grant Park, River North, McDonald's, Walgreens, Louis Vitton, AMC theatres, or perhaps with current City Council legislation,stay out in front of the house past 8:30 PM, tell the wee ones, "Jon Loevy needs to make more money, honeys"
There are other enablers of this violence. Other headlines:
Roseland residents gather after 9-year-old shot
Suspect held in 'L' station shoving death

Search for answers in Boystown violence
A search for answers. Yes we can.

There is at least one civil rights victory.

...listen to this again. OVER 2,000 "YOUTHS" on a rampage. Betty from Chicago. "Political Correctness has come home to roost".

And let's not forget this:  RealClearPolitics - Obama Cracks Down on Big City Police Departments
While running guns themselves. ATF chief: Higher-ups at Justice blocked response to Congress
Who's to say some of those federal guns won't end up back in Chicago

...but not to worry, our President Barack Obama is totally cool with gun metaphors. Suburban Chicago Rep. Joe Walsh (R-8th). RCP video: Rep. Joe Walsh On Obama: "The Man's Got No Shame"

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes there are no words. How many lawyers like this exist? Sigh.

Anne said...

The core of the Dem party

Another reason to defeat these guys