Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Ass of a New Police Chief Takes a Shot at Palin

At least in Alaska if you shoot something trying to kill you you can feed your family with it. Just what we need, another Dem demagogue in Chicago: So Sarah Palin is responsible for Chicago's crime. And it's all down to racism. Nothing illustrates more the rank stupidity and killer political correctness of this city, run into the ground by Dems for generations. We're at 1920 population levels and our new police chief wants to drive more of us out of town with his ignorant, inflammatory remarks. He lies about the lakefront, oh yeah, it's just suburbanites suffering from heat stroke, while others live with danger every day.

As commenters note, is it racist to be upset about black on black crime? And a big part of Jim Crow laws was disarming black citizens.

"Government sponsored racism" he says. Well I guess.

But it's all Sarah Palin's fault--Sarah Palin, who gets death threats every day-- it's Sarah's fault someone like Colleen wants to be able to carry a gun. P.S. Let's not forget this calculated rant was at the Rev. Pfleger's church: This is why (Bill, Hillary) and Hillary voters are mad too, as they have been essentially accused of racism. At least one liberal woman columnist, Carol Marin, was incensed at Barack's "spiritual adviser" the Rev. Pfleger's "race-based flogging of Hillary" back in May.

Illinois is the only state left now without a concealed carry law--but it's all Sarah Palin's fault we have one of the highest violent crime rates in the country--Chicago children under 17 killed at four times the rate of NYC children--

and rising.


Bill589 said...

Can anyone imagine Obama being held to Palin’s standards?

He would not have even made it to his gaffes -

He would not have gotten past his ‘church’ and his ‘friends’.

Anne said...

And you know, he's the president. He's actually supposed to be responsible for some thngs