Friday, July 15, 2011

Obama Leftie Media Minion Targets Cantor*Another Effing Presser

AP dutifully obliges:
by backyardconserv
The latest in a long line of establishment attacks.

The campaigning and character assassination never stops--by PC media in aid of The One.

...The Undefeated comes out today around the country. You may think you know Sarah Palin--you may be surprised, and more.

You may think you don't agree with her, but you may find you do.

More. Cantor: ‘Not a Game’
Call Obama's Bluff - Charles Krauthammer, Investor's Business Daily
The Obama Downturn. WSJ (chart added above)

...The president is giving yet another news conference. Where's YOUR plan, Mr. PRESIDENT

If you cut through all of the political spin and media fog, here's what's happening in the so-called debt negotiations: Congressional Republicans are negotiating; Obama's campaigning. They're legislating (or at least trying to legislate); he's grandstanding. They want to cut the debt; he wants to win reelection. The result: impasse.
That Obama is not negotiating in good faith is obvious. He hasn't offered up a budget; he hasn't proposed a debt reduction plan; and he hasn't specified any real cuts save for a massive gutting of the defense budget.
Instead, Obama's taken to holding fake press conferences (they'll be another one today) where he pretends to be a leader and solemnly lectures Congress about the need for "action" and "getting it done."

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