Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Latest leftie hit piece, Martin Luther (not King)!!! Bachmann!

Memeorandum thread of the Atlantic article, which is pretty silly, even as they quote this presumably nominally Catholic prof at Obama's favorite spineless nominally Catholic university. Even they wouldn't take the bait:
Reynolds, of Georgetown University, says that this view of the papacy, alarming though it may be to the modern political world, has, over the centuries, shaped the rise of Protestantism.
Kind of ancient history. I have to say, as a Catholic who sings in a Lutheran church in the summers, I didn't run into any anti-papist virulence when I dropped off some fruit this afternoon for the community salad supper.

In contrast, gee, I hate to point this out, but our President Barack Obama sat in the pew at the Rev. Wright's TUCC church for nearly 20 years, and only pulled out of the church during the campaign (kicking and screaming). TUCC espoused the black separatist ideology of James Cone, prominently displayed on their website, in videos sold at the church, and their newsletters. Just a taste:
Stanley Kurtz, National Review's May19th cover story on the Rev. Wright. Kurtz explores the Rev. Wright's black liberation theology based on the writings of James Cone. At his infamous speech at the National Press Club Wright reaffirmed his reliance on Cone, and Cone has claimed Wright's church exemplifies his beliefs--TUCC, the most radical church in America--Barack Obama's church for 20 years. It's worth reading in full, but I will give you this from the print edition:
Indeed, one of the most striking features of Black Theology and Black Power is its strident attack on white liberals. According to Cone, "when white do-gooders are confronted with the style of Black Power, realizing that black people really place them in the same category with the George Wallaces, they react defensively, saying, 'It's not my fault' or 'I am not responsible.'" But Cone insists that white, liberal do-gooders are every bit as responsible as the most dyed-in-the-woll segregationists. Well before it became a cliché, Cone boldly set forth the argument for institutional racism--the notion that "racism is so embedded in the heart of American society that few, if any, whites can free themselves from it."

The liberal's favorite question, says Cone, is "What can I do?" He replies that, short of turning radical and putting their lives on the line behind a potentially violent revolution, liberals can do nothing.
Cone does soften his stance a bit against the white middle class Antichrist churches, "This does not necessarily mean burning of their buildings with Molotov cocktails."
You know, Martin Luther...King was revered for his non-violence. The president would have done better to take up with the Lutherans.

P.S. Hey Atlantic, you're talkin' 'bout Garrison Keillor country, hardly a wild-eyed rightie.

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