Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Unexpected" Jobless Numbers. Rise.*Palin Opens in Chicago, Challenge to O:)

Reuters. Ya think it's a pattern?

There's evidence ObamaCare stalled the economy on job creation--and tax increases to fund Obama's obsessive spending might just finish it off.

More. Our jobless recovery:
In my view, the best way to understand the problems confronting the American economy is to go back to the basic principles upon which the country was founded—economic freedom and political freedom.
Economic and political freedom---what a concept. In other news, Palin polling amazingly well (even as O sinks):
Tammy Bruce
by backyardconserv
7 hours ago
What's she strong on? Knowing the issues important to voters--and what people are going through. The Undefeated opens in O's home town this Saturday. Put the heart back in Chicago, and the country.

More. Why We'll Have 10% Unemployment Very Soon - Jeff Reeves, MarketWatch
Henninger on hand to hand combat. I'd say we have at least two more with the core principles, tenacity, and smarts who could do the job:) ...Going after an important swing vote. Via Instapundit: BUDGET UPDATE: Concerned Women Blast Big Spenders  ...Flip the switch, Sarah:)!

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