Thursday, June 23, 2011

More confirmation Obama losing women

It's been an issue for a while, presumably that's why the Dems went with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, despite her gaffes galore. (Let's be clear, though, she's par for the demagogue course for Dem congressmen) Republicans won women in the 2010 midterms and continue to go for that key swing vote. AP:
For the first time this year, less than 50 percent of respondents to an Associated Press-GfK poll say Obama deserves re-election. The new poll shows a virtual split of 48-47 in favor, raising a new hurdle for the president as economic concerns strip away the gloss he briefly gained in May after the death of Osama bin Laden.

What's more, four out of five now believe the economy is in poor shape, with 36 percent calling it "very poor," a new high in AP-GfK polling.[snip]

The erosion of approval is primarily among women. Last month, 57 percent said they felt he deserved re-election, a figure that dipped to 48 percent this month. The decline came almost entirely among white women, just 37 percent of whom say Obama deserves re-election in the new poll. He also lost support among self-described independents, from 62 percent approval last month to 43 percent now, his lowest since June 2010. [snip]

"I just think that he's not doing his job the way he should be," said Mary Perrine, a grandmother of three from West Lafayette, Ind., who said she has struggled to pay her bills.

Obama faced 59 percent disapproval on his handling of the economy and on unemployment.
The outlook continues bleak with the jobless claim numbers this morning, and after the CBO's stunner yesterday, which understates the problem, and Bernanke's cluelessness, the only hope rests with the GOP holding firm on cut, cap, and balance. Budget hearings this morning by Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) underscore the urgency:
Philip Klein
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And this:

Women are watching closely because we are the ones most likely to take care of our children, worry about the prospects of our youth, and hold the hands of our elderly parents.

With Palin's Undefeated coming out to substantive reviews, nor can it be ignored, and Michele Bachmann announcing on Monday TEA party women have a high profile. I hope Sarah Palin decides to run. She's been brave and she's been right. There's no reason we can't have more than one mainstream fiscally conservative woman in the race--we're not a bunch of cookie cutters, as the leftist media would have it.

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Update: Thanks for post of the day link, Professor:) This may lose Obama a few more. From the city of his HQ:  Our Ass of a New Police Chief Takes a Shot at Palin

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