Thursday, July 28, 2011

What would Austen or Bronte say about Debbie W-S

Noemie Emery on Republican Rep. and Col. Allen West's dust-up with Dem Rep. and DNC head Debbie W-S.

Some didn't understand how he could be so upset--many have been inured over the years to leftist trash-talk, but West has lived in a more honorable place, the U.S. military.

As for W-S' latest over the top remark, let me just quote Jane-- I do not want people to be agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them.

What next for Debbie W-S? for dictatorial tendencies, leftists take the let them eat cake.

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pathickey said...

Concerning Mr Frank Churchill, from Jane Austen's Emma -

"How long had Mr. Knightley been so dear to her, as every feeling declared him now to be? When had his influence, such influence begun? -- When had he succeeded to that place in her affection, which Frank Churchill had once, for a short period, occupied? -- She looked back, she compared the two -- compared them, as they had always stood in her estimation, from the time of the latter's becoming known to her -- as they must at any time have been compared by her, had it -- oh! had it, by any blessed felicity, occurred to her, to institute the comparison. -- She saw that there never had been a time when she did not consider Mr. Knightley has infinitely the superior, or when his regard for her had not been infinitely the most dear. She saw, that in persuading herself, in fancying, in acting to the contrary, she had been entirely under a delusion, totally ignorant of her own heart -- and in short, that she had never really cared for Frank Churchill at all!"

To which the handsome and gallant Frank Churchill rejoined, 'Upon my word, Madame, Miss Debbie Washerman Schultz is ghastly! She's scare the balls off a pool table, 'Tis clear!'

Anne said...

A modern adaptation!