Monday, July 11, 2011

Wilmette Shutdown

Got this email somehow. Wilmette enews:
Due to this morning's storm, Village Hall does not have power and is closed for the day.
Act of God

P.S. Mayor Emanuel cuts government credit cards from 500 to 30 Cut more, more!
Government employees will also be expressly forbidden from spending taxpayers’ money on everything from alcohol, flowers, office decor and restaurant meals within a 50-mile radius of Chicago to sponsorships, charitable donations and parties celebrating holidays, birthdays and employee appreciation.
What's just beyond 50 miles. (No, not Wilmette, no windfall coming)
The card issued to Chicago Housing Authority CEO Lewis Jordan had been used to pay for costly meals at Gibsons and other upscale restaurants.
The investigation also found CHA credit cards were used to buy thousands of dollars worth of flowers, cakes and holiday gifts for employees, a suite at the United Center and to pay red-light camera tickets.
Next in line for ObamaCare waiver. Or whatever.

...Let's get us some smaller govt. God may be on our side:)

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