Monday, July 11, 2011

In another era he would have been a neo-Nazi. Hizb-ut-Tahrir IL

So these jihadi, anti-Semitic, Islamic supremacist recruiters had another convention in Chicago, with one of their notable attendees a recent prison convert from Illinois. Did we hear about this from the PC media? Not that I'm aware, only this, nothing to do with us here in America, no, no, no. Guess the Sun Times couldn't even call it an "economic session" this time.

Their trailer for this year. Nice little ending punching up through a highway with the same sinister music of the last few years.

Another Illinoisan to watch:
Jaleel Abdul-Adil a speaker at the 2009 conference called for Muslims to spread Islam or die trying. SEE HERE. He also works for the University of Illinois in Psychiatry. According to the University website here. Here is what he works in:
Dr. Abdul-Adila's career interest is culturally-sensitive, evidence-based practices for low-income urban youth and families in both university-based clinics and community-based settings.

His current research focuses on family-oriented outpatient interventions for youth with conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, and co-morbid conditions (including post-traumatic stress from community violence).

Dr. Abdul-Adil also consults with local schools and community mental health agencies to establish research-based protocols for assessment and treatment of disruptive behavior disorders and other mental health problems.
Great, just great, more potential recruits.

P.S. I suppose this is an improvement: Video: Female MPs Brawl In Afghan Parliament At least we can see their faces these days.

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