Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Arne Duncan lies himself out of a job

Is this the high calling of an Obama Education Dept?

Is the job of the Secretary of Education to trash and lie about states' records of accomplishment?

All the while ignoring the pernicious influence of the teachers' union in destroying children's futures, generation after generation?

The failed idea of a miserable failure of a president...Jimmy Carter, and what do we have to show for it, millions spent, education in decline.

You and Durbin and Obama let those kids for DC school choice twist in the wind.

So spare us your crocodile tears and your crocodile smiles.

We don't need you, Arne Duncan. We don't need this useless and malicious leviathan from on high.

Go back to Chicago. Learn some honesty and humility. Fat chance. But at least maybe you could start a charter school, or join with Rahm in kicking the CPS union's sorry carcass from here to tomorrow.

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