Monday, August 08, 2011

A backdrop to the president's remarks*Reaction: Disaster

Keep this in mind as he steps to the ONero podium once again.

And bless, bless our troops

More. Some background on S&P and the ratings politics, notwithstanding underestimating the market reaction to Obummer's crippling policies and anti-jobs' attitude Rasmussen: 29% Say Tea Party Members Are Terrorists, 55% Disagree In separate polling:
Just 34% of all voters in separate polling favored tax hikes as part of the deal to raise the debt ceiling. Fifty-five percent (55%) opposed including tax increases of any kind in the deal.
WSJ: America Gets Downgraded A spend and tax policy mix always leads to economic decline. 
Crippling policies, governing by fiat, an end-run around the American people. And the alternative.

UPDATE. Market tanks more on Obama same old same old higher taxes, higher spending

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