Monday, August 08, 2011

Flash Mob in London

Calling on their mobile phones, filling their cars with loot:
By midnight fire engines were able to start putting out blazes on the high street while lines of riot officers drafted in from across the capital advanced, with the help of mounted police.
But witnesses said anarchy still reigned down the many side streets in the area, with cameramen and TV crews attacked by the mob.
Youths were seen calling friends on their mobile phones to join in the mayhem, with claims that many of the worst troublemakers were not locals. It was even suggested that the area’s gangs, who do not normally encroach on each other’s territories, put aside their differences for the night.
Some appear to have realised that the police had their hands full in Tottenham, and that there were richer pickings to be had in shopping districts elsewhere.
Less than a mile to the east, looting began at the retail park near Tottenham Hale underground station, not far from where Mr Duggan had been shot dead. Teenagers and adults were reported to have turned up in cars to fill their boots with stolen goods from branches of Currys and Argos, with every single handset taken from a mobile phone shop.
Cities under siege by an entitlement, lawless society. It's OK to threaten the police and not expect them to defend themselves. If you don't think the government has given you enough, loot more (because who pays for government, hmm) from the private sector, wreck property. And all the while be aided and abetted by a leftist society that considers you victims, even as you bully and destroy.

I think they used to call it biting the hand that feeds you. But that was when there was some connection between aid and effort.

Now it's a circus, it's entertainment in the city, lately even at the Wisconsin State Fair.

...And then you have the innocents threatened or murdered every day.

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