Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The big gov bad guy with the grenade. The baby gets it

A familiar scene in an action movie, milder than the Dems' metaphors (this the latest crazy: polygamous, baby-kidnapping), made to illustrate a point. Keith Hennessey lays out our strategy for the next phase of this historic tug of war (NOT a war on America) for America's future:
(I am not suggesting the President is a bad guy with a grenade.  It is just a metaphor to illustrate a negotiating concept.)
The same is true here. An additional 10% cut to defense discretionary is deep, and many Republicans will intensely want to avoid it. At the same time, an additional 8% cut in nondefense discretionary will freak out many Congressional Democrats and the White House, and they will intensely want to avoid it. I think the depth of both cuts are so deep, and the difference between -10% and -8% is small enough, that it confers no relative advantage in the Joint Committee. Democratic negotiators will be just as desperate to avoid 8% domestic discretionary cuts as Republicans will be to avoid 10% defense cuts.

This means that all Republicans need to do is call the President’s/Democrats’ bluff on tax increases, threaten to allow the pain of the trigger hit both sides, offer $1.5 T of entitlement spending cuts, and wait.
More leftist hysteria underscores Hennessey's point on their fears. In the meantime, as a break from parties and the golf game, our President Barack Obama may wish to energize his base and practice his tough guy skills, taking a cue from that near-dictator, bad Vlad Putin.

Might make a nice buy one, get one free dynamic with the First Lady. I'll let you figure out who's more likely to manhandle the fry pan vs. a veggie sautee with style.

I know right now people are worried we threw the baby out with the bathwater, but Paul Ryan reassures. We'll be watching this one closely--scroll down for the update.

Who really cares about the baby, hmm?

More. SESSIONS: Democrats default. Big spenders’ party neglects budgetary duty:
The newly elected Republican House, in an open process, passed a historic budget this year that changes our debt course. But the Democratic Senate never even wrote a budget. The Democratic majority, which has now failed to adopt a budget for 825 days, even blocked the Budget Committee from publicly meeting to work on a plan. Majority Leader Harry Reid’s strategy was designed to allow his members to avoid taking tough stands and difficult votes. Indeed, his work has been all about protecting incumbents and rejecting accountability.
Dems are big spenders and big babies.

Locke's most famous American protégé and a genuine constitutional scholar, James Madison, argued at the end of his brilliant Federalist #10 that there were three "wicked projects" that -- in the hands an unscrupulous political faction -- could potentially inflame our Republic with a most devastating plague: "a rage for paper money, [an] abolition of debts, [and] an equal division of property."


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LibertyAtStake said...

I'm not sure the Medicare half of the 'trigger' isn't a Leftist head fake. The cuts are aimed at providers, not beneficiaries. The Left doesn not understand market dynamics, so believes in its heart there is no decrease in care here. Plus they have a blank check for more deficit spending to make their pet providers whole again. They need to be watched closely on this one.

“Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

Anne said...

We need our most conservative guys on that committee.

And stop spending where we can in Congress.