Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So Jan Schakowsky thinks SEALS are criminals but defends accessories to terror

We've known she's easily confused and often insulting, especially to our military, and intel professionals, but this woman is on the House Intelligence Committee.

This is serious stuff. Jan Schakowsky & Co. Go to Bat for Radical Extremists Raided by FBI

These radicals were searched in the wake of a series of incidents that clearly showed Chicago as a terror target. But Jan Schakowsky favored a terror blindfold. I wonder why these "peace activists" took the fifth?

Since that time we learned synagogues in Chicago were targeted by an al Qaeda package bomb, including one in her own district. Wikileaks revelations further confirmed the Windy City's high profile.

Of course Schakowsky also favors Chicago as a sanctuary city, which offers even more risk these days.

There's a trial going on in the city as well. Alleged terrorists are living here. Gee, I wonder why they thought it was a place so receptive to their ideas--or were they counting on willful blindness.


pathickey said...

. . . And she slaps the help! Ain't she great?

Anne said...

She's such a disgrace.

I wish her Dems in her district would muscle her out so she doesn't run again. Couldn't they be useful for something?