Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The city that works, now the city that gambles?

No more Big Shoulders it's Big Jule? Really, Chicago? Really Mayor Rahmbo (at 31:41)?

Lotteries are already regressive taxes, hitting the poor more heavily, but losses are limited. Without even getting into the Chicago Machine city still having mobsters lurking in the background, and its current crime rate--which will probably deliver Fortress Casino, to the demise of surrounding small businesses, consider this:
The best blue-collar and white-collar workers, the Type-A personalities, are the most likely to become pathological gamblers (Kindt 1994b). A business with 1,000 workers can anticipate increased personnel costs of $500,000 or more per year-simply by having various forms of legalized gambling activities accessible to its workers. [snip]

Adherence to a philosophy of making a living via gambling activities not only abrogates the perceived need for an education, but also reinforces economically unproductive activities (and is statistically impossible since the "house" always wins eventually).
In this case the house would be the City of Chicago.

Illinois already has the worst job creation record in the country

This is a cynical and inherently corrupt enterprise, with the city as owner, regulator, law enforcement, and subsidizer of a revolving door of social pathology.

It's as close to the city of Capone as it's ever been.

...will Rahm want it on the waterfront, blighting Navy Pier and its proud tradition. Or perhaps at Meigs Field, where Mayor Daley bulldozed a lakefront airport in the night. P.S. All in aid of propping up profligate and corrupt public union porkers. Hell NO

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