Thursday, August 11, 2011

Debate Takeaway

How refreshing to have Fox ask the questions we (mostly) want answers to.

I am not going to rehash but Pawlenty is toast, too mean, too lame.
Anne Leary

1 hour ago

Bachmann emerged as a great debater, reinforcing her image of holding her ground--this sets her up for a decisive straw poll win. She handled the submissive question just fine, I don't think the question was out of line.

Romney is too bland, no standout, but is in it for the long haul, not really competing in Iowa this time. But really, 7 points for starters? Boil it down for the debate.

I was glad to hear Herman Cain emphasize growth. With humor.

Perry, offstage, may be the answer, given Texas' carrying the country on jobs and opportunity.

But I have to say, I hope Sarah runs. I think she has more vision, more grace, more cool under fire, a successful track record of challenging the powers that be, more understanding of the American people and what is at stake--and a gift for advancing her ideas in a phrase at the time we most need it.

...I agree with her as much as I agree with Charles Krauthammer:)


Donna said...

I watched it too...Newt said what we all would have Liked to say but I'd NEVER vote for him...
Have a good weekend!

Anne said...

Yes, I'm with you.

You have a good weekend too, Donna.