Thursday, June 02, 2011

Where's the beef, Charlie K?

Yes, this has been bothering me for some time. I thought it was a matter of not being up on social media, but Facebook has been pretty mainstream for some time--even an un-techie grouch like me has an account. After Madison I saw they don't quite get the TEA party on Special Report. I thought it was perhaps a touch of pundit class envy, but this Krauthammer blindness on Palin alone persists, and so Mondale came to mind for me too.

Last night when he said Palin hadn't done her homework I thought, how does he know? Has he read her Facebook notes? Heard her speeches in Hong Kong and India? Tracked her trip to Israel? Followed her leadership at key points these last two miserable years? It is Palin's trumpeting the TEA Party which led to the breadth and depth of our victory in the midterms. She had faith when many did not--she stuck her neck out. You know, Charles, Sarah Palin has a gift for a phrase that rings true, like drill baby drill, or death panels. Or even blood libel.

Even good ole Walter Mondale got a good one off on his own in '84, without your speechwriting, "where's the beef". But he still lost.

Tom Rowan at the American Thinker nails it.

P.S. Palin Slams "RomneyCare" in Massachusetts :) Rush on all of this today. Per my buddies here. Oh wow, I was out today doing neighboring and gardening, so just caught the tail end of El Rushbo on her Bunker Hill moment, was going to check the transcript. But I see now we are on the same page:) [Here's a longer clip of Rush on the subject]

   ---thanks for all the links, Pundit & Pundette:) Things are heating up.

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