Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Does Obama's EPA want to finish us off?

Making those hostile to America EPA moves. Reaction from one of my friends:
The new EPA coal regulations will bring the economy to a halt in states like Illinois.   Layoffs, spikes in electric bills and non-payments will soon be upon us.  For a picture of what is to come, check out Germany after their government suddenly ended nuclear generation. (Economist)   Mr. Obama always did want us to be more like Europe.....   He's getting his wish.
Here's the Economist article. Shock to the system. 

All in aid of the scientifically discredited greenie global warming religion.

With our economy on the ropes, the last thing we need is more ephemeral green jobs subsidies and a massive regulatory grab that puts responsible power generation in jeopardy.

Many on the East Coast are experiencing life without power for a few days. For some it could be life threatening--the failure of wind power in Texas on hot days is a cautionary tale.

This administration is a menace.

More news: Private-Sector Job Creation at 91,000; Layoff Pace Slows 

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