Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Obama App

Hey, it's not official Obama policy, could be that's why at least this works. A steal for 99-cents. Hopey-changey held accountable.

Shepard Fairey getting beaten up again as well.

What to do when you're not cool any more:
Right now, few people in Washington are as expert on damaged images as Obama.
Obama has seen his overall approval ratings along with his numbers with constituencies key to his reelection hit new lows this August.
He needs a villain and fast.
Who's got that app. We are all extremists now, just for noticing the truth.

P.S. No iconic looks for sale at the O 2012 store. They've got a First Family button:
He needs Michelle and Co. to help him out. Good luck with that
That previous cycle was a collective outcry to lessen the power of one party and to halt the president’s policies. The next cycle is personal; it is about your home, your pocketbook, your family, and ensuring your future is less uncertain.
This is kinda seared into my mind, catchy neon green bag notwithstanding (nice try, Huffpo)


...Meta narrative, mega FAIL

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