Thursday, August 04, 2011

Get off the bus, Barack

Arianna, and Chrissy Matthews:
MATTHEWS: We’re talking about the president who just announced today, the White House did, and we’ve conveyed, Alex and Jon, that he’s going to get in a bus and drive around the Midwest. And he is vulnerable in that bus to -- I would think to picketing, and shouts from the crowd.
MATTHEWS: We don’t want you on the bus here. We want construction jobs. We want the roads fixed and the bridges fixed and brought up to code. We don’t want you riding around here campaigning this August.
WAGNER: Yes, and there’s a bit of hucksterism to it. It’s like recovery summer of last year. It’s like of sort of White House that was so good with messaging back in the day.
What has happened?
And I think, you know, to Jonathan’s earlier point, look, green jobs? I mean, these are --
MATTHEWS: What does it mean to you, that phrase?
WAGNER: Renewables. Battery plans. If we see Obama in another battery plant in the next three weeks, I think everybody is ready to give up on wind, solar and hydro. I mean, the idea that that’s going to pull us out of the ditch that we are remain in.
The left is afraid he'll be the one who gets thrown under the bus this time.

Oh, no, it's already starting to happen to me in Chicago

I mean, seriously, how can you compete with Sarah America.

P.S. Taxpayer expense

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