Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Founding Father fans split their votes three ways, and Reagan pulled out the win

The young upstart.

Who will win Iowa? Will the TEA party be the key to victory, much as young new voters flooded the caucus for Obama? When I canvassed for Romney back in 2008 I found Obama literature at Republican primary voters' homes. Clearly Obama made a successful play for those disaffected from 8 years of President Bush--but after only 2 are people tired of him?

The 2012 campaign has just begun, but if we're at dead in the water levels of growth, young new voters now jobless grads may join independents to go GOP around the country. Housing is suffering a double-dip, exacerbating the grim unemployment picture.

In the meantime, who will be our young upstart--who will best exemplify the limited government virtues of our founding fathers, not the ossified oldsters who have led us to this financial and cultural abyss. Count Mitt among them.

Who has the integrity, the vision, the courage.

Pawlenty's the un-Romney, the Sam's Club Republican who stood up to a Blue State legislature, cut spending, and contested the president on ObamaCare as governor.

His fellow Minnesotan, Rep. Michele Bachmann, rallied the TEA party at home, in nearby Iowa and especially on the Hill, where the message most needs to be heard. A former tax-attorney, small-businesswoman, mother, and foster-mother, Bachmann is grass-roots personified.

Herman Cain is the un-Obama, the decisive private sector success who worked his way up from humble roots, understands how to create jobs and achieve the American Dream--the way we always have. Cain hails from flyover country, not elitist, leftist, anti-American enclaves.

In the wings there's Gov. Sarah Palin, who upends the conventional wisdom wherever she goes, but holds true to the American spirit with a gift to go to the heart of the matter--drill baby drill, death panels, endorsing early the roadmap to American prosperity-- a citizen and a leader.

...And then there's Paul Ryan.

We the people will decide.

More. Look at where housing values are the worst:
Blitzer told CNBC that the decline in prices, though fairly widespread, has become more prevalent in geographic pockets—the Southwest and Southeast as well as the Michigan and Ohio manufacturing regions.
Obama won Michigan and Ohio last time but there are Republican governors there now, and in Florida.

More. Via Memeorandum, Palin eludes reporters at Gettysburg:
CNN was soon tipped off that Palin was long gone
Haha CNN fooled and they call her bus flashy. You know, her name is small on her bus. She gets it.

More. Romney panders on ethanol. Pawlenty's narrative. Geraghty on Palin and a CNN poll on the TEA party. I think the poll shows TEA partiers are mainstream and sometimes too nice for their own good:) You know, Aunt Bea.

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