Monday, August 22, 2011

Palin a Player, On Offense

On her terms this time.

Will it still be pre-season, or a Labor Day launch?

Relaxed, rested and ready

Enter, Sarah.

Run to daylight, America:)

P.S. In case you missed it, this is a most excellent rant--from the former Amex CEO telling O's buddy Buffett to stuff it. It reads like a TEA party list:
Governments have an obligation to spend our tax money on programs that work. They fail at this fundamental task. Do we really need dozens of retraining programs with no measure of performance or results? Do we really need to spend money on solar panels, windmills and battery-operated cars when we have ample energy supplies in this country? Do we really need all the regulations that put an estimated $2 trillion burden on our economy by raising the price of things we buy? Do we really need subsidies for domestic sugar farmers and ethanol producers?
Why do we require that public projects pay above-market labor costs? Why do we spend billions on trains that no one will ride? Why do we keep post offices open in places no one lives? Why do we subsidize small airports in communities close to larger ones? Why do we pay government workers above-market rates and outlandish benefits? Do we really need an energy department or an education department at all?
And let's hear it for our grandchildren!

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