Friday, August 19, 2011

Iowa Passion (who knew IA had passion) For Palin. New Ad:)

Wow. Love the message, the photography, and the cameos are fun:) I've thought she's running for some time. I'd hoped. Now it looks like it's happening.

She's got the vision. The right tone. She knows America by heart and it shows

...her next event has been moved to a bigger venue. Indianola, IA Sept. 3rd, TEA time. I imagine the poster will get an update:) I guess you can tell I love this poster.

...A nice touch releasing this ad, showing the upbeat energy of her bus tour, compared to his dutiful crowds. And the focus now is on Obama's elitist vacance-- he reads Brave New World while America stalls out, she's back home in Alaska, grounded and ready.

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