Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School choice on the march

in Indiana, even as unions attempt to disrupt choice for children in Milwaukee. Chicago Daily Observer.

...then there's Chicago:
The school reform bill that Emanuel helped push through the Illinois General Assembly authorizes a longer school day and school year. But the changes cannot be implemented during the upcoming school year without union consent.[snip]

In mid-January, Chicago high school students participating in the “Mikva Challenge” painted a bleak picture of the obstacles they face to learning every day as they questioned Emanuel and three other mayoral candidates.
They specifically complained about: fights in school that security guards watch, but don’t break up; bullying inside and outside schools that often target gay and lesbian students; students getting jumped by gang members on the way to school or “harassed” by police; cuts to arts and sports programs; and interminably long and sometimes dangerous commutes.
Chicago’s first-ever Youth Commission was born from that mayoral forum with student meetings with Emanuel now expected to be held four times annually.
P.S. Other union hijinks forestalled: Wausau mayor to unions: Pay up if you ban Republicans from Labor Day parade

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