Saturday, August 20, 2011

A string of Obama bubbles

Jack Higgins, Chicago Sun Times

The feeling is near universal:
But previous presidents didn't take those vacations while Americans pulled $23.5 billion out of their 401(k) plans—in just the first ten days of this month. For the first time in my lifetime, the thought of putting cash under the mattress doesn't seem so crazy. In our house, the grandparents have started calling at night, worried about their retirement funds. There's so much uncertainty and fear

So many times in life, fear comes when there is a lack of clarity. Not only can we not predict what's going to happen with our economy, there doesn't seem to be a plan. When the headline "Breaking News: Obama to Give Jobs Speech in September" crawled across the TV screen as he headed to the Vineyard, I laughed out loud.
Unfortunately he's not headed for obscurity yet.

There's something too precious about the Vineyard, at least in the summer--too interior design, carefully posed, a still life.

It's just one more in the string of Obama bubbles. His commie lovin' momma, private Punahou high, the Ivies, Chicago's leftist academe in Hyde Park, seeing the world, but not.

Snap out of it, America. Save yourselves and your neighbors-- 'til 2012.

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SpearWolf said...

The utter lack of leadership from the President is very disconcerting. I truly feel sorry for those people who have nothing larger to anchor their lives to (read Faith/God). Their sense of fear must be practically paralyzing.

"Woe to you, O land, when your king is a child,..."
Eccl. 10:16a

Anne said...

Thanks, well said.